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Extension module for GSM (mobile communication) and GPS (navigation)

To extend the functionality of the Arduino board and to control other devices, so-called Shields (extension boards) are plugged to the Arduino board. By using our the GSM/GPRS/GPS-Shield - professionals as well as hobbyists - it is possible to use GSM (mobile phone) and GPS (navigation).


The Arduino board in combination with the GSM/GPRS/GPS-Shield  is used individually and can be customized to your needs. The Arduino  board communicates with the GSM/GPRS/GPS-Shield over a serial interface and SPI.


The GSM/GPRS/GPS-Shield automatically switches to the signal level (3.3V or 5V) of the used mainboard. This allows the use of various Arduino clones.




Please find a fact sheet/comparison of our GSM Shields here → Performance and functional comparison of Arduino-Wireless-Shields



Software pack (available for download) containing:

  • A library to use the GSM/GPRS/GPS-Shield
  • Example program for usage of the GSM and GPS module
  • Design and schematic of the Arduino board and GSM/GPRS/GPS-Shield


System requirements

  • Arduino board "Uno" (ATmega328)
  • SIM card (pre-paid or contract)
  • GSM antenna "AT-010" (as well as further variants, see product category: Antennas & Accessories)
  • Power supply (see here). The mobile module requires high current peaks that are not covered by the USB power supply.


Optionally available in our onlineshop


Manufacturing and Product Development "Made in Germany", i. e. unlike many other products in computer equipment, we provide a long time availability.


Examples of use

For example

  • the current position can be determined by GPS and sent by short message service
  • alarms can be sent or travelling routes can be tracked


  • Arduino development environment

  • USB interface

  • Windows / Mac OS X / Linux: 32 or 64 bit


Technical Data


  • Operating voltage: 5VDC ... 9VDC

  • 20 digital in- and outputs

  • 6 analogue inputs

  • the GSM/GPRS/GPS-Shield uses the following pins
    - with the Arduino Uno: D0 - D7 and D10 - D13
    - with the Arduino Mega2560: D0 - D7 and D50 - D53



  • integrated GSM module: Telit GE865-QUAD

  • internal supply voltage: 4V

  • can be operated with pre-paid or contract SIM cards of any provider, no SIM lock

  • control via the serial interface (TTL level)



  • integrated GPS module: Fastrax UP501

  • internal supply: 3,3V

  • control via SPI




Arduino development environment (incl. driver)


Rev. 8 Manual   Library and Example Program (with GPS)
Library and Example Program (without GPS)
Version 1.5.0
for Arduino Duemilanove/Uno/Mega2560
  Product Flyer   Schematics and Layouts
      GSM/GPRS/GPS-Shield with
Arduino Mega2560 Rework Instructions










What to do if the GSM/GPRS/GPS-Shield supposedly does not work or log-in procedure can not be processed?


Each Shield is tested before shipping and thus guaranteed to be working with the example program. Experience shows that vast majority of "errors" occur on the (customer) software or an incorrect software installation e.g. external controlling ... "real" hardware problems are rare.


For more frequently asked questions and troubleshooting please find our  "Arduino-FAQ" in the support section.


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